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Habex Agro is a global GAP/GRASP Certified Company.

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Habex Agro Limited was conceived in 2010 to venture into Agri business by taking advantage of the unique sun, rains and fertile soils bordering the river Nile and Lake Victoria basins of East Africa.

We therefore undertook research and commissioned studies of the Weather, water and soil systems with the findings pointing to a hitherto known but unpublished fact that the quality of food and food crops grown along the lake Victoria basin of the greater East Africa have no comparison with any other elsewhere in the world. 

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” Amazing customer care from these guys..perfect  seedlings for hass avocado, keep it up habex agro “


Lauren Munoz

” I find your website so resourceful and beautiful and i look forward to doing business with you as i have plans to start a fresh frut business i think you guys will be the best suppliers. “


Ronald Snyder

” Been to many farms and talks about avocado, but when i visited your farm in Mayuge Uganda i received information that i had never got anywhere, this was veryhlepful and thank you so much please for the good work. “


Jessica Hawkins

” Honesty is very key in doing business, i found you guys to be honest when i came to buy the seedlings for my small avocado farm that am working on…i definitely recommend “


Sean West

habex agro

Fresh Hass & Fuerte Avocado Suppliers

We are keen on phases from planting to harvesting, cooling, storage, packaging conditions as well as about transport under controlled atmosphere with conventional or refrigerated containers.

Habex Agro

Habex Agro

Habex Agro

Habex Agro

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Habex Agro is a global GAP/GRASP Certified company operating in both Uganda and Kenya and selling to the whole world.

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Kampala | Uganda Office

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P: +256-789-296-115

Eldoret | Kenya Office

P: +254-748-236-616

P: +254-704-614-261


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