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A global GAP/GRASP Certified Company supplying the world with Fresh Fruits.
fresh fruit suppliers
fresh fruits suppliers

A brief background

Habex Agro Limited was conceived in 2010 to venture into Agri business by taking advantage of the unique sun, rains and fertile soils bordering the river Nile and Lake Victoria basins of East Africa.

We therefore undertook research and commissioned studies of the Weather, water and soil systems with the findings pointing to a hitherto known but unpublished fact that the quality of food and food crops grown along the lake Victoria basin of the greater East Africa have no comparison with any other elsewhere in the world. Be it, yellow nanas, Jack fruit, Pine apples, Mangoes or Avocado, the region is a heaven of sweetness and nutritious offerings of nature yet to be experienced by the world’s greatest markets.


From that point on, the partners from Engineering, Accounting, Transportation and small holder community wouldn’t look back until a Vision , Mission and objectives were articulated to establish a sustainable and enduring linkage between the world’s greatest gardens and the world’s greatest markets with a prime objective of creating employment, eradicating hunger and poverty amongst the communities within the East African region.

Efforts were directed at establishing and building and growing production capacity by signing on out grower teams supported by our experienced team of agronomists to embark on this noble cause. On top of this , we acquired land sitting on 2500 acres along the shores of Lake Victoria to develop a model farm around which production standards would be bench marked. This farm is located in the Eastern Part of Uganda, in Mayuge district, Bukabooli subcounty at a village called Musubi from which we derive the farm’s name. We have so far planted almost a thousand acres of the Hass variety of Avocado and also intend to have another one thousand acres of the Fuerte variety on the same farm.

We currently have a team of more than 2000 out growers spreading across Kenya and Uganda clustered in specific fruit groups ranging from Avocado, pineapple, Oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes, Cassava and mangoes.

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To roll back environmental degradation by restoring the green belt spanning the lake Victoria basin through rebuilding  self sustaining, healthy and empowered outgrower communities that deliver quality products to the market.


Habex Agro currently directly employs over a thousand people at its farms two hundred of which are professionals and the rest being casual laborers. We also provide indirect employment opportunities through our vast chain of out grower communities.


Habex Agro is riding on the fresh fruit  trade to become the African Industry Leader in Ethical trade benefiting the environment, the community, the economy and the share holders, bridging the gap between the worlds greatest markets and it’s greatest gardens,as we usher in a new era in the World’s agribusiness Excellence


We have developed a world class Nursery bed that sits on a hundred acres of land providing all the seedlings required to kick start all our agricultural farm developments. This enables us have Total
Affordable Seedlings

We have the most quality seedlings for the best plant and yields.

Fresh Fruits

We supply the most trusted fresh fruits to the whole world.

Group Farm Visits

Farmers and agro fans can visit our farms to learn best practices.

Farmer Support

We support our farmers from the early stages of farming to harvest.


Habex Agro is a global GAP/GRASP Certified company operating in both Uganda and Kenya and selling to the whole world.

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E: info@habexagro.net

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